Case Study No. 4


“The cardio-diabetic market gets crowded! This market segment is becoming a ‘mass-market’, lots of patients/scripts attract most companies. Doctors/nurses/pharmacists getting more and more reluctant to meet every Pharma rep. We need to differentiate our products, information and educational programmes from the crowd. Positioning and targeting is key! We need to change our customer approach. I guess we need professional advice.”
Commercial Director, Global Pharmaco


Case: Need for mindset change in Marketing/Sales and Med Affairs.

Understanding the customer and its need, involve Patient groups. Product positioning: argumentative, price attractiveness and patient-friendliness. Value proposition.


Product monograph analysis, competitor survey, customer research (online & face-to-face, doctor and patient group meetings), package design and price flexibility evaluation


  • Based on value proposition best possible product positioning (customer, price, attractiveness)
  • 3 internal training workshop meetings for marketing/sales and med people over six month, 2nd and 3rd meeting designed as ‘follow-on’ meetings (input from 3 months testing and training)
  • Motivated teams, striving for change and differentiation
  • Sales teams achieved customer rating in Top 10 (IMS customer survey) after 18months
  • Patient group support for user friendly design (colour, material, pill dispenser, easy use for aged patients, etc.)
  • Preferred supplier in the distribution chain (wholesaler, hospital pharmacies, pharmacy chains) based on price attractiveness, carton size adjustability, easy-to-use and eye-catching retail pharmacy packages, etc.)
  • Increased in-market sales, +5% above plan in first year and continuing positive sales development
  • Company became an accepted and preferred partner for all customers. Led to improved image and reputation.
  • National organisation was awarded an internal ‘entrepreneur & achiever’ award