You need support / help / connections

  • to register,
  • to price,
  • to place or
  • to launch your product(s) in ANZ or Europe?


Do we know the registration process?

  • How long will it take? Deadlines?
  • What costs are involved?
  • Who can prepare the quality dossier? Who has the contacts to the authorities?

Pricing, do we enter a free or regulated market?

  • Who can prepare a promising price submission dossier? Time restrictions?
  • Do we understand the price competitive environment?
  • Do we need a customer survey?

Who should/will buy our product?

  • Do we know/understand our target group? Group specific: young/aged, male/female, socioeconomic level, etc?
  • Product/package design?
  • Will our advertisement/promotion budget reach the right target group? Design?
  • Did we train, motivate and resource the sales team? ‘KISS’ sales folder? Launch deals? Bonus scheme?

Are we ready to launch tomorrow?

  • Can/did we ‘tick’ all boxes (see above)?
  • Do we have enough product for our launch activities?
  • Is the supply chain organised and ready to fulfil possibly more and new orders?
  • Did we ‘sell’ the new product to our staff? Is everyone behind the product? Does the ‘grapevine’ work in our favour?


→ If one ore more things apply, contact: