You need to extend or divest your product portfolio in ANZ or Europe?

  • in-license / out-license
  • buy / sell
  • co-marketing / co-promotion


Business/Portfolio analysis, when did we do it last time?

  • Will our own R&D deliver the next product and when? Will it fit our product portfolio? Do our customer need it?
  • What competitive products are in the market and in R&D? Are we ready to face the new challenges?
  • Which products would fit our expertise and strategy and our customers? Availability and opportunities in the market?
  • We should re-align strategy and portfolio!
    • What’s the market/customer need?
    • Where do we want to be in 5/10 years?
    • Is buying/selling an option?
  • Do we know professionals who know the market, have expertise and can support our newly re-aligned business?
  • Is cooperation (marketing/promotion) with the ‘competition’ an option?
    • Which company would meet our expectations and would accept our values and culture?
    • Who can pre-analyse and establish first contacts on our behalf?


→ If one or more things apply, contact: