You’re new in the market and need advice on

  • market entry strategy,
  • product launch strategy (positioning),
  • price strategy or
  • customer targeting for your product(s) in ANZ or Europe?


How to approach the new market?

  • Will our first market assessment meet the competitiveness of the market segment?
  • Do we enter the right segment?
  • Do we know the competition?
  • What’s the best time to launch?
  • Does our product design/logo meet country sentiment?
  • Will we launch a seasonal product?
  • Is our price competitive?
  • Do we offer special sales deals and when?
  • Do we target wholesale, retail or direct-to-customer?
  • Will our product attract customer interest?
  • Do we have enough knowledge about our customers?
  • Did we conduct a special customer survey?
  • How can we reach/inform most customers within defined time frame obeying the cost restrictions?


→ If one ore more things apply, contact: