Case Study No. 3


Does beMAD have the experience and connection to help us to perform a successful start into the ANZ market?
CEO of small company, new to ANZ market


Case: Overall support

To quick understand the market (niche products), getting into contact with all ‘movers & shakers’ in the industry, associations and government departments


Detailed analysis of required niche markets, development of a briefing presentation and organisation and facilitation of meetings with Medicines Australia (MA), Pharmacy Guilt, Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS), PHARMAC (NZL), Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Medsafe (NZL) and industry contacts as required


  • Based on market analyses best possible positioning of products (market, price, customers)
  • Fast customer uptake following specialised education/info/sales activities
  • Briefing meetings with all pre-defined target groups within 3 months
  • 1-2 follow up meetings within the following 6 months
  • Accredited member of MA, 3 company employees (Head of Marketing& Sales, Medical Director and NBD Manager) accepted on MA Strategic Committees
  • Company became a well-known and accepted player in the market within 2y

beMAD references:

  • >25y cumulated experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry (national and international)
  • Member of different MA Strategic Committees
  • MA, member of Board of Directors (>3y)
  • Regular contacts/meetings with different government departments
  • Personal contacts to Ministers, Shadow Ministers, MPs, Senators and party members (federal and state), national and international
  • Connections to Advisory Boards(different health indications/areas), KOLs, divers public and private hospitals, Pharmacy chains and independent Pharmacies, Doctor group surgeries and private practices, national and international
  • Regular cooperation with divers Healthcare and industry providers


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