Case Study No. 1


“We either can run the business as done over the last years or we can go for the challenge, become competitive, strive for market leadership (in defined strategic areas) and become an accepted, trusted and solid partner for our customers.”
New Country Manager


Case: Need for portfolio extension

A detailed business and product portfolio analysis together with information on own R&D portfolio led to clear and fresh understanding of the future strategic focus, short (1-2y), mid (3-5y), and long term (5y+).

Focus: extend into CV (cardiovascular) indications

Short term:

  • Re-align product and Sales team focus
  • Buy/license-in a new product which extends and complements existing portfolio
  • Double sales team headcount to reach necessary target group in the set time frame and to create a competitive footprint

Mid term:

  • Become a preferred, accepted and reliable partner for >75% of customers
  • Add/launch new product (own R&D) in time, rightly positioned and well budgeted
  • Re-analyse and re-align sales team focus and headcount
  • Buy/license-in a new product extending and complementing existing portfolio

Long term:

  • Maintain and improve market position and customer acceptance and satisfaction
  • Launch new product (own pipeline)
  • Prepare for “off-patent” situation for leading force product
    • Negotiate with licensor
    • Find generic partnership(s)
    • Negotiate contract and align brand/generic strategy
  • Re-analyse and re-align sales teams


  • HO and Sales Teams meeting to present new strategic focus and short/long term goals
  • Focussed, aligned and motivated team
  • License-in contract signed (within 6 months)
  • Increased headcount numbers in sales team from 34 FTE to 75 FTE (1st step) to 115FTE (2nd step)
  • Reached >80% of target customers with right message and within set time
  • Sales team rated within Top 10 (regular IMS customer survey) after 3y and kept position (today still within Top 10)
  • New R&D product launched (own pipeline)
    • On time, right positioned
    • Product reached market leadership in defined niche market within strategic area after 2y
  • Signed new license-in contract in year 7, launch imminent
  • Implemented generic strategy
    • Negotiated contract with 3 partners to optimise “off-patent” MS and profitability
    • Managed to keep partnered MS >75% and brand MS >30%
    • Outperformed other competitive and comparable products
  • Re-aligned sales team (to 90 FTE)


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